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A Physician / Health System Partnership

Founded in 2010, a 1100 member, physician majority board led accountable care organization built on the guiding principles of Trust, Transparency, and Physician Leadership.



Majority physician-owned

Company formed by collaborating with physician leaders in our community. High level of member loyalty.


We communicate ACO company information at Leadership and Annual Member Meetings

We provide detailed information to each member receiving incentive payouts and always available to address inquiries from our members.


Physician Leadership

Physician-majority Board of Managers

Physician-led since the beginning and will continue to be.

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Featured Story

The Oakwood ACO is now the
Beaumont ACO!

Why did we change our name to the Beaumont ACO?
The Oakwood Accountable Care Organization (ACO) was a successful, physician-hospital organization with proven structure could be parlayed throughout Beaumont Health by allowing Physicians associated to all eight of the Beaumont Health hospitals to join the ACO.

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